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What sets Fasteners Resource apart? Exceptional customer service….ASK ANYONE! We are a modern, veteran owned company doing business the old fashioned way. We are NOT an “eight hour work day” type of organization. We work when you work, so we are there when you need us, to make it convenient for you. We are a “hands on”, customer driven group of people, working until the job is done!

This company was started in 2007 by Todd and Jodi Heimler, looking to provide customers with quality fasteners at a competitive price. With Todd’s 25+ years of sales experience, they knew what customers needed and wanted. It wasn’t just to be sold fasteners. Customers wanted to do business with people who listened, understood their needs, and provided great service for the best price.

Start to finish, quote to delivery, Fasteners Resource makes your project, their project. Time and time again, customers keep coming back because they know we are in business for them. Call us and we answer, or we will call you back quickly. Need a quote? We will give you prices and options, the same day. Want to find people who are as passionate as you? You found us, Fasteners Resource!

We continually strive to provide the most efficient, uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service, as close to perfect as possible for you! Let us do what we do, so you can do what you do. Fasteners Resource, One Stop, One Source, One Solution.



Our Home Town

Every day I talk with 30 to 40 people a day. I email double that, text far more, and when I am on a plane, I see two to three airports in the course of a few days. Most of the time I am flying into the “big city” only to drive into small town America to visit with our agricultural customers, our original equipment manufacturers and of course a trusted vendor or two in the same trip. I talk with anyone who will listen! After we get by through all the weather talk, I am always asked "Where you from in Michigan Todd" I tell them "Originally, upstate just under the bridge, I'm a troll" all the while simultaneously making my hand a Michigan Mitten and using my index finger to point to spot just above a scar I have on my hand and say "Lewiston, Michigan, just southeast of Gaylord". Inevitably someone has been to Lewiston or at least heard of my small little town that I spent 17 years in before departing to the Navy. I then continue to tell them, "You know I spent 17 years trying to get out of a small town (because that is the way teenagers think) and I spent the next 30 trying to get back to one! Well, 18 years ago, I moved to this town. I have raised my children here; we have so many great memories from this great little town and I am damn proud of it. The Downtown Development Authority made this and maybe it’s just me, but the tears came hard as I remembered all the reasons I moved here. Hope you enjoy the video they did a great job.




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